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Nick is a phenomenal professor, mentor and role model. He is the kind of professor I had hoped to have at the University level of my academic career, but was lucky enough to meet him while still in community college!


I first met Nick while taking his Social Media class at LBCC where my passion for Social Media and Digital Marketing really took off. Thanks to his willingness and ability to constantly find and use resources to ensure his students are getting what they need to develop themselves professionally, I have since interviewed and accepted a wide variety of internships and jobs pertaining to Marketing and Digital Media. By taking several of Nick's other courses, he has helped me better my networking abilities and has continued to introduce me to new opportunities.


There is definitely a lot to be said about earning an education through a community college and Professor Carbonaro exemplifies that entirely. His passion for what he does is contagious and pushes you to be the best in what you do. He is dedicated to helping and supporting his students succeed far past his classroom and has been extremely impactful in both my academic and professional careers. Thank you Professor Carbonaro!

— Celine Elgrably, Alumni LBCC 

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