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At Long Beach City College I pride myself on bringing a fresh, unique perspective to all my classes.  I use a variety of teaching methodologies to accomplish the goal of giving my students the necessary tools to excel in the classroom.  I employ the use of a ground-breaking digital textbook application called Top Hat to deliver my course material which has shown to increase student attendance, participation, and the ability to learn complex materials much easier!  Below you will find descriptions of classes I currently teach, relevant links that have helped guide my teaching as well as a complete list of classes I have taught over my teaching career thus far.

Fundamentals of personal finance including financial planning, money management, income and asset protection, and investments. Course material covered includes calculations and problem solving related to budgeting, managing income taxes, building and maintaining good credit, large personal assets purchases, managing property and liability risk, investment fundamentals, and retirement and estate planning.


Social Media is such an important part of our lives that no matter what field you want to get into, you will need to know how to work with social media!  If anything, you will at need to least learn how to set up your own LinkedIn and Website for yourself, a future business, or just to keep up with the current business environment.  GBUS 25, Digital and Social Media, will teach you how to create online content, design social media sites and learn to brand so well that you can implement and execute social media strategies for various brands, individuals and organizations while your taking this course!


The LBCC Business Club is a student led organization located in the Department of Business Administration and Economics that is dedicated to developing the future business minds of the 21st century.  We meet once a week and host a variety of professional and social events on and off campus.  


Cerritos College

  • BA 100-Fundamentals of Business

  • BA 156-Motivational Presentation Skills for Managers

El Camino College​

  • BUS 20-Business Management

  • BUS 22-Human Relations in Organizations

Long Beach City College​

  • MKTG 40-Salesmanship

  • MKTG 41-Marketing Communications


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